The move

This is my last entry at this blog. No need to get suicidal about it. It’s not like I am going to stop writing useless entries. I’ve decided to move out and host my own blog. 😀

You may access my blog at its new home – http://kudi-punjaban.com/

My stay here was remarkable and will always remain close to my heart. When I started the blog I was really iffy about it; but to see it pan out this well was very motivating. I stumbled into other bloggers, got to know them and a few earned a special spot in my blog roll. I’d really recommend you guys to check them out (Fusa Asia, Confessions of a Smitten Soul, Je porte le bled le coeur)

Before I close out this chapter I must mention a special person, Gautam. He is the person who anchored this move. He helped me throughout the set up and without him kudi-punjaban.com wouldn’t exist. The is the father, mother, family doctor..everything of my new blog.

Thank you Gautam and everybody else who supported me. I hope that you will continue to be this generous in the future and support kudi-punjaban.com


I am KudiPunjaban and I now have a .com on my rear end. It feels good!


My Name is Khan

Yesterday I had the pleasure of finally watching the much talked about movie “My Name is Khan” Personally, I enjoyed the movie a lot. These were 3 hours well spent but a part of was ever so slightly disappointed too. Perhaps, I walked in with false expectations. I wanted the movie to stringently convey the message – that not all Muslims all terrorists. Even through out the movie they singed the hymn “My Name is Khan and I am not a terrorist” I still didn’t find it convincing enough. Perhaps, the ending wasn’t appropriate. Mr. Khan spent 3 hours traveling across America just to meet the president only to say “I am not a terrorist” and get a meaningless “I know” in reply? I wanted to see him go up there and deliver a overly dramatic and ridiculously emotional speech. A speech so powerful where the President or Mr. Khan strongly makes the point that its incorrect to stereotype an entire religion based on the actions of few wayward infidels.

I didn’t like:

  1. Kajol’s unibrow – If you plan on acting on a big budget Bollywood movie which is destined to hit theaters across the world please take time to trim the uni-brow.
  2. The Simplicity – I know they wanted to show SRK, a Muslim, as a good ordinary citizen but they over did it. Georgia gets hit by a hurricane and America decides to ignore it because their military is over in Iraq. Therefore, our hero takes the pledge to save the people. If it was so easy to get in and out of town; why didn’t the people leave? Or Why didn’t any other emergency service get there?
  3. The Ending – A disappointing end to a otherwise likable movie.

Other than the aforementioned things I had a great time. It’s a nicely made movie and actors have done great justice to the script. I would advice everybody to go and watch this movie. Three hours well spent. 🙂

I am KudiPunjaban I give My Name is Khan 3.75/5

We have the gold!

Coming into the games there was one question on every Canadian’s mind – Who will be the  first Canadian to win gold at home?

Canada “was” the only country to host the games multiple times but never win a gold medal at home.

Moments ago, Alex Bilodeau  changed everything.

I am so overwhelmed with emotions right now. This is an historic event which will be remembered for ever – the first Canadian to win gold at home.

But the fact that Alex stomped over Dale Beggs-Smith just makes it that much more sweeter.

Technically,  Dale Beggs-Smith is a Canadian. He was born and raised here, learned the sport here but represents Australia. In media circus leading up the big showdown he refused to even talk to the Canadian media. I am sure he, more than once, visualized  himself as the champion and the look of despair on the faces of Canadians. He perfectly executed his routine and took the comfortable sport as the #1 guy.

But all his evil dreams vaporized when Alex soared down the mountain and snatched away the first position for him.

LoL @ Pathetic look on his face.

GO CANADA. FU Dale Beggs-Smith.

Vancouver Olympics

I know I am a little late with this entry; I have been all too busy soaking in the Olympic fun.

This entry goes to out to all the wonderful people who made these games happen and most importantly the athletes.

There’s lots of stuff to talk and not much time so I am going to refrain myself from getting into useless details.

The Opening Ceremony

For many of us this ceremony was the beginning of once in a lifetime experience. The presentation lived up to the hype and definitely had a Canadian touch to it. I dare to say this was amongst the best opening ceremonies for winter games. Everything from the floor projections to theatrical performances to the gigantic four nation statues  was so beautiful. I was completely enthralled by it. Alright, I’ll shut up now; less talk more photos.

Superbowl prediction

Indianapolis Colts Vs New Orleans Saints

The top two teams in the NFL collide in the Superbowl. Right from week one these two teams seemed destined to cross paths. Both teams tore apart the competition the entire year and launched a strong bid for a perfect season. Neither achieved perfection but a Superbowl ring would surely fill that void.

Brees surely, with this season, cements his name amongst the NFL’s elite. It’s no longer a Manning Vs Brady league. We have a third beast in the town. In post season, Brees has devoured two future hall of famers in Curt Warner and Brett Favre. Tonight he gets the opportunity to slay another future hall of famer, Payton Manning. However, this time the challenge would be greater. On the other side there will be Peyton Manning; who is playing the best football of his sensational career. His ability read defense and make appropriate adjustments is critical in Colts’ success.

Look for a high offense, high energy brawl full of monster plays. In the end count on Manning to outdo Brees in a 31-27 decision.

My day in pictures

For sometime I have been fighting this urge to take useless pictures at randomest places . Today, I accepted defeat and double tapped the home button on my iPhone to activate the shitty camera. Now before I bombard this entry with photos let me set some things straight – if you’re hoping for beautiful professional pictures of snow, mountains, and half naked whores you are going to be disappointed.

I woke up with a low intensity headache but this was enough to convince me to stay in. (Yaay) My mother was informed about the tragic development. She stormed into the room but fikar not I was ready counter her with my supreme acting skills. She, impressed by my performance, approved my decision and ordered me to proceed with utmost caution. I followed her down into the kitchen where I devoured 2 pills of Advil. Cool eh? Yeah I be taking drugs like them gangstas!

The effects of the drug slowly started to kick in; I was beginning to feel sleepy. I came up with a master plan to counter balance this phenomenon – Exercise! Exercise should help me stay fresh and awake. I could have gone to the basement and used the treadmill but no I am smarter than that. I have cleverly programmed my mind to alter my body condition without the need for physical movement. That’s not true I am just lazy. So I hit the couch and watch TV instead.

Superheroes like me face new challenges every day. It’s gives purpose to our life. My next challenge was  to stop the fluid leakage from my nose before I run out of tissues. Seriously man every time my body is subjected to even slightest illness my nose goes berserk. 24 hour water supply. If the world bank were to pay for used tissue; I would be the richest person on this planet.

Amidst my struggle to engineer a nasal cavity blockage device I turn on my laptop. I must patrol the streets of the interweb and look for signs of malicious spammers, stalkers to eliminate them. Facebook check, twitter check, forums check, wordpress check. The online world is safe; I could finally relax.

At the moment I am trying to study for a quiz which is due by tomorrow evening.

I am kudipunjaban and my nose needs a plumber.

Fridays = Boring

People love Fridays. They look forward to this day for it indicates the end of the 5 day marathon and the arrival of the 48 hours of peace and freedom.

I were amongst the “We love Friday” clan. I vaguely remember the time when I’d happily welcome the Friday sunshine into my house and lay out a rough plan for the epically crazy weekend ahead.

However, as of today I unsubscribe to the Friday joy. Lately, I have noticed a worrying pattern in my life. Friday is consistently the most uninteresting and suffocating day of the week. Every morning I drive to the university where my professors, like vampires, suck out every ounce of energy. I then slowly maneuver back to my home where I rejuvenate myself with a brief nap. When I wake up I feel fresh and ready to take on the world, win the world cup, save humanity. This stream of youthful energy needs an outlet. Therefore, I make some phone calls to my friends with intentions to “chill maro yaar.” (Me is teh feel like fob today) I am usually good at this  but as I said Fridays have not been on good terms with me lately. So, the phone calls lead to nothing; My friends appear to be either always buried under responsibilities (HUH?) or are already too shitfaced to think straight.

I then turn to the ultimate source of entertainment – The Television. People say, “Television died like 3 years ago.” Well..they are right. This leaves me with only one option – TEH INTERWEB. I start off by visiting online forums. 99% of the time there’s nothing there that could hold my attention for more than a microsecond. Therefore, I move on to Youtube. This helps but not for long. My brain demands something more profound and engaging…umm … like MSN. MSN conversations are fun yo

“Person 1: Hey

Person 2: Hello

Person 1: How is it going?

Person 1: you there?”


“Strange person: Hey long time eh

Me: Who are you?

Person: Oh so you don’t remember me? lol lol

Me: No

Person: We talked for the first time in September 2005.  We used to talk all night long about menstruation and


I spend the rest of the night periodically switching between Facebook, twitter, youtube before calling it a day.

It’s not like I don’t have a life. I have just transformed from a “Friday-Saturday” person into a “Saturday-Sunday” person.

Warning: Saturday-Sunday chill maro (again?) could result in a Monday morning hangover. This could negatively impact your grades and lead to life threatening situations  if you have desi parents. Proceed with caution)

I am kudipunjaban and Fridays, for me, are boring.